Vitamin C prevents the appearance of pigmentation and impurities in the skin

– It activates cells.
– To fight all forms.
– Infections and allergies.

Getting rid of dead cells, pigmentation, simple melasma, sensitive skin, and reducing the appearance of the effects of pimples to give you a pure and clear skin. Peeling helps keep your skin soft and smooth as silk.

Skin type: All skin types

BENEFITS: Fortified with the exclusive C-Complex Resveratrol blend, this gentle facial cleanser is specifically designed to effectively cleanse and purify skin, leaving the face feeling fresh and supple without stripping its natural oils. Free of chemicals and preservatives, this fully certified organic vegan cleanser supports those committed to the health of the body and the planet.

Recommended use: Morning and evening or as needed. Instructions: Wet skin with warm water, spread one or two drops of gel cleanser on fingertips, spread over face and cleanse gently using an upward and inward motion. Rinse well with warm water.

We want to be the number one beauty and skin brand that uses no chemicals and only the purists, most luxurious ingredients mother earth has to offer.

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