Beauty with Yasmin and ILATTI Beauty Organic: 

A Tale of Resilience and Radiance

In the heart of Canada, the inspiring journey of Ban Bahish, a true warrior and cancer survivor, gave birth to the enchanting worlds of Beauty with Yasmin and ILATTI Beauty Organic. Ban's personal struggle transformed into a thriving endeavor as she harnessed the transformative power of organic skincare during her healing journey.

Ban's resilience and commitment to self-care led her from crafting skincare products in her kitchen during chemotherapy to the establishment of her own skincare lines. Beyond skincare, her purpose expanded to fostering hope and saving lives, particularly those of children with rare genetics in Iraq.


Our First Serum Was Created In The Kitchen!

After being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer and undergoing multiple chemo treatments, my skin was terribly affected and extremely sensitive to all the products I was using prior to my journey with cancer.

Then I started researching and experimenting with raw organic essential and carrier oils, incorporating pure 24k Gold, dating back to remedies from ancient history, until I finally mastered my formula. I wanted a serum that’s not only good for my skin, but also a soul feeder with an aroma that would lift my spirit to another level.

Two of the main ingredients in my formula were Jasmine and Saffron, Jasmine is very well know from ancient times as a hormone balancer, and saffron was used to treat depression and anxiety; besides their amazing benefit for the skin.

Investing in  Beauty with Yasmin and ILATTI Beauty Organic is not merely a financial decision; it's a choice to be part of a story of resilience, hope, and radiance. Join Ban on her journey to redefine beauty, inspire confidence, and make a lasting impact on the world – one skincare routine at a time.

The Essence of Beauty with Yasmin and ILATTI Beauty Organic

Ban's brands are a testament to her belief in formulating products that are not only effective but also gentle and safe for all skin types. Grounded in a commitment to innovation and purity, Beauty with Yasmin and ILATTI Beauty Organic showcase the healing power of nature's best ingredients, sourced locally in Canada to support local industries and communities.

Ban's dreams extend beyond skincare – she envisions expanding her business to create more employment opportunities for women. She firmly believes that with a dedicated team of strong women, the message of natural, organic, and radiant skincare can be amplified. Ban's vision is to simplify skincare routines while making a positive impact on the lives she touches.